"Heavenly Bones" hoody

This item is  a collaboration of Miss Danger and our side-project street fashion brand Queensense. 

Wear luxury clothes everyday!

Comfortable and luxury oversize hoody with handcrafted embroidery and smart design.

Hoody has machine embroidery with golden or silver threads and embroidered by hands with rhinestones, beads and bugles on the top.

The part with the embroidery is removable!

A feature of the hoody is the ability to remove the part with embroidery so that you can wash the hoody itself. We recommend only dry cleaning for the embroidery.


The hoody lenght from the shoulder is 65cm. 

For order please choose your size:
Please pay attention, it's oversize itme. 
Size 1: bust 80-94 cm, hips up to 96

Size 2: bust 92-106, hips up to 108

Size 3: bust 104-118, hips up to 120

Size 4: bust 116-130, hips up to 138

Size 5: bust 128-142, hips up to 156

"Heavenly Bones" hoody long version

19 500,00 ₽Price